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Drew Riley, the proprietor of Los Amigos, recognized an opportunity when Los Amigos operated a popular grab-and-go stand on Bridge Street during the pandemic. This makeshift setup witnessed substantial demand as people eagerly snatched up burritos, beer, and shots before hitting the slopes.


It was during this time that Drew also noticed how Vail had evolved over the years, primarily catering to the ultra-wealthy. Drew discerned a glaring disparity between the hardworking individuals who make Vail thrive and the influx of tourists, with most establishments in Vail centering their appeal on the latter.

With these observations in mind, an enticing chance to establish a new restaurant in Vail Village presented itself. Drew couldn't let this golden opportunity slip away, especially armed with the insights he had gained. To bring this vision to life, Drew enlisted the expertise of his brothers-in-law, Zach and Dusty Martin.


Drew's wealth of experience in the restaurant industry combined seamlessly with Zach and Dusty's innovative perspectives, breathing fresh life into a somewhat stagnant Vail scene. The trio, driven by their unwavering passion for Vail Mountain, are tirelessly dedicated to making First Chair a standout establishment in Vail.


The Inception of First Chair

Meet The Owners

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First Chair Vail Burritos at Vail Mountain Resort
First Chair Vail Dog Friendly Patio
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